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Doctor Ernest GAUTIER DU DEFAIX  immigrated to Cuba between 1865 and 1870 from France. He was born on May, 18 1835 in Sigoules (Dordogne), a small town in the south of Bergerac where his father was a tax collector. He studied medecine in Bordeaux. He died in Santiago de Cuba in 1890. [Click here for his hand written pedigree chart.]

His family was :

. father : Leonard Ernest GAUTIER DU DEFAIX, born in Blis et Born in the manor house of the DU DEFAIX family in October, 14 1803, Died in Eymet (in Dordogne) on February, 12 1852.

. mother : Charlotte Caroline Eugénie DE LANGLADE born in Périgueux August, 18 1802 and Died on december, 23 1866 in Eymet.

They married on July, 10 1832 in Mensignac (in Dordogne). Ernest had three sisters : Anne Marie Berthe (1840-1896), Anne Marie Coralie (1833-1895) and Anne Marie Radegonde GAUTIER DU DEFAIX.

GAUTIER DU DEFAIX families were part of the 'noblesse de robe', it means nobility which was in charge of administration (judges ...). The origin of the tree goes back to Henri IV.  The place of the origins is the Perigord (in south west of France).

Upon the arrival of Ernest GAUTIER DU DEFAIX, in Cuba, he married Rosa ZARROGOITIA born in Bayamo, they had together a son, Ernesto GAUTIER DU DEFAIX Y ZARROGOITIA (born 04/08/1874 in Santiago de Cuba, died 05/27/1928 in Santiago de Cuba, married with Elvira LAGO Y PADRON), Ernesto was a sugar cane planter and owned a sugar refinery.

Following the  death of Rosa he married Micaela RUBIO and had two children, Maria Josepha GAUTIER DU DEFAIX RUBIO and Jose GAUTIER DU DEFAIX.


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